Father the real hero..father’s day special

Beautiful lines…

Dad is the sweetest kind in world.He is smart,work hard, kind enough and smart also..

But he has one bad habbit  he lie .He always hide bad thing from us and share good thing only.

  • He lies about his condition
  • He lies about having money.
  • He lies that he never tired
  • He lies that we have every thing
  • He lies about his happiness

He lies because of me and for my sake…thank u for giving such a beautiful life that can never be imagine without you.

“Happy Fathers Day”





Short view on life

  • The physical universe basically playful its not going anywhere ,it does’t have any destination to arrive at.
  • Its best to understood it by analogy of music,music in art form  so playful.Because you play the piano not work on piano.
  • We never think about our life what we are doing with it and what we need from it  just working on a set pattern like machine in crowd dont have time to see anything because we are in end less race and want to win a race which dont have any finish line.
  • When a child born we simply put him in corridor of world called grading system.Clear first stage then go for another then High school graduation all  and all after that a huge world waiting for you and its time to build up your career to achieve success  work hard and harder we always think great things coming now its just coming at last when we are at the age of 40 we reached on that stage called”SUCCESS” but what is this still dont feel different its like all days.At age of 60 people have huge amount of saving but dont have energy.
  • We thought life by analogy with a journey with a pilgrimage which had serious purpose at the end.But we missed the point the whole way long.Life was musical thing and you are supposed to sing or dance when music was being played and enjoy it.Don’t simply cheated yourself the whole way down the line.
  • “Set your kids free let them spread their wings and let the wind carry them to land far away and the day when they come home you will be proud of the people they become…”

    An adventurous life does not belong hillclimbed,swimming  with sark, jumped from hill its risking yourself by leaving a little piece of you in all people with whom you metin your short life.